Safety in Basement Bedrooms


You could be evicted if you are living in a property that does not meet the Province of Manitoba’s Building and Fire Safety Codes.

  •  Many houses in Fort Richmond and University Heights have been sub-divided into multiple, separate bedrooms and do NOT meet these Codes.
  • Most TENANT EVICTIONS occur in Fort Richmond and University Heights because the landlord is not meeting these Codes.

 See printable brochure here: Evictions & Fire Safety Brochure



If you are living in a house has been subdivided into many bedrooms, with some bedrooms in the basement, you may be living in a home that does NOT meet the Province of Manitoba Building and Fire Safety Codes.  This means you risk being evicted!

This home could be putting your life in danger, and you may be evicted at any time by either a Manitoba Fire Commissioner or a City By-Law Officer.

If you are renting a room, the landlord must have a smoke detector in the room. Tell your landlord immediately if you don’t have a smoke alarm or the alarm isn’t working.

  • Call the Winnipeg Fire Prevention Branch (204-986-8200) if your landlord doesn’t repair or replace your smoke alarm in 24 hours!
  • Call the Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch (204-945-2476) if you are uncertain that your room is fire safe.



A bedroom is NOT permitted in a basement if there is only one exit from the basement. To legally have a bedroom in the basement, the house must have two separate basement exit locations in case there is a fire. If the stairs are blocked in a fire, there must legally be another exit.

In basements, the secondary exit is often the window in the bedroom.  However, many older houses in the Fort Richmond and University Heights area have small, narrow windows that do not comply with Manitoba’s current Building and Fire Safety Code standards.  Legally, you must have have a large basement window to crawl out of in case there is a fire.

  • If you are living in a basement bedroom, it must have a large window. The diagram below shows approved (legal) and not approved (illegal) window sizes. 
  • If Manitoba Fire Commissioner or City By-law Officer investigates your property and determines the window is illegal, this is a fire and life safety hazard.  This means you could be immediately evicted.
  • Ask your landlord to install the correct size of window, or move to a safer residence.  For assistance, contact the Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch (204-945-2476)


rental windows in basements