Most TENANT EVICTIONS occur in Fort Richmond and University Heights because the landlord is not meeting Province of Manitoba Building and Fire Safety Codes.  If a rental property presents a potential fire and life safety hazard, the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner will evict tenants. There are many older houses in the neighbourhood that have not been upgraded to meet fire safety codes, and sometimes, basement bedrooms are not fire safe. Be smart and stay safe – ensure that any room or house you rent is fire safe!   As a tenant, you will be EVICTED if the room/house in which you are living is unsafe.   It is the responsibility of the LANDLORD to ensure your rental property is fire safe, but many unscrupulous landlords do not ensure that properties are fire safe. Learn more. See printable brochure here: Evictions & Fire Safety Brochure Stay safe!  For more tips and guidelines, visit:

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