Renting Single Family Homes

Renting Single Family Homes around the U of M*

The majority of homes in the Fort Richmond – University Heights area are zoned as ‘single family dwellings (R-1)’.  For specific details:

While single family dwellings (R-1) zoning is quite restrictive, it is important homeowners have an understanding of what R-1 zoning allows:

  • Single family (R-1) zoning allows two ‘leases’ per home
    • Ie: a home owner, living in the home, can legally lease a room to a maximum of two borders (and must possess two separate rental  leases)
  • A single family home can be rented to one lease holder (primary tenant)
    • Ie: The one lease holder (primary tenant) can legally lease to a maximum of two borders (and must possess two separate rental leases)
  • A single family home can be rented to one leaseholder who can live in and operate the home with a group of people, such as a family.
    • Under Canadian law, the definition of a “family” is the subject of shifting interpretations.

NOTE: Zoning identifies the type of home, apartment or business that is allowed in a specific area.  However, it is very challenging to know what actually goes on inside a home, and even more difficult to prove living arrangements of the residents.  Please refer to a short overview prepared by the City of Winnipeg on Student Housing, Boarders and Rooming Houses.


*This website page is intended to provide a broad overview of the City’s approach to occupancies, but is not a definitive statement of the law.