Educate & Inform

This section of the website provides residents with information and tools to educate and inform themselves.  As this is the launch of our website and this initiative, we expect this resource will continue to developed and additional information added.

By-law Reporting & Enforcement

By-laws are complex, and just as challenging to enforce. The more we understand about how to properly report by-law infractions, the better enforcement we will receive.  But enforcement takes time – it’s all about building a solid legal case, with evidence that will stand up in court. Enforcement Officer resources are limited in the City, and this too impacts timely enforcement.

By-law Compliance

The City of Winnipeg aims to bring properties into compliance, not by immediately fining or issuing tickets, but by working with property owners to correct the infraction and achieve compliance.  Every inspection as well as repeat follow-up inspections are documented, knowing that if compliance does not occur, the By-Law Enforcement Officer will issue a Court Order.  In order for it to stand up in Court and be enforced, the charge must be accompanied by solid documentation proving that the Officer did everything in his/her power to reach compliance.

Some people feel the current by-laws do not have ‘enough teeth’, as the system is based on working to bring properties into compliance. One of the goals of the Fort  Richmond – University Heights Neighbourhood Association is to work towards enabling stronger and more timely enforced by-laws.

We hope you will find this website to be a useful resource!