From: Trees Please Winnipeg Coalition

A new video from Trees Please, plus a quick, 3-minute action for you to take!

Did you know? 

  • 81% of boulevard and park trees are not being replanted when they’re lost due to disease or age in Winnipeg.
  • More than 14,000 public trees have been lost, and not replaced since 2013. The backlog grows by about 2,000 trees every year.
  • Trees should be pruned every 7 years to stay healthy and structurally sound. In Winnipeg, public trees are only pruned every 31 years! (Other major Canadian cities prune on a 5- to 7-year cycle.)

Luckily, you can take action RIGHT NOW! Here are 2 easy and powerful ways you can help. 

1. CONTACT your City Councillor. Whether it’s by phone, by email, or by social media, let your councillor know you want Winnipeg to invest in planting, protecting and maintaining our urban canopy. Specifically, ask them to:

  • restore funding to Urban Forestry so they can re-institute a 7-year pruning cycle
  • fund the replacement of 2 new trees for every 1 tree lost (to eliminate the replanting backlog and keep up with new losses)

2. INVITE your neighbours, your family & friends to Sign up to Trees Please. As decisions are made about investing in public trees, Trees Please will send out ideas on what citizens can do to ensure governments of all levels increase investments in our urban forest.

Thank you for stepping up to speak for public trees in Winnipeg. And stay tuned for more opportunities to help!

Trees Please Winnipeg Coalition