Members of our community have spent the past 2 years calling 311 and reporting various infractions to the City.  We still have a long way to go, but we are starting to see some progress.

Recently a rooming house landlord contested the order issued against his South Winnipeg single-family-zoned, which stated the building had been “altered or occupied for purposes of providing accommodations for boarders, lodgers or roomers” without conforming to building codes.  The rooming house has 14 beds available for rent – in a house zoned as a single family dwelling.  Director of Fire Prevention Janet Bier said the inspector issued the order partly based on the 14 beds, windows that wouldn’t allow egress, and locks on main floor bedrooms. The inspector concluded “it was being used as what we would call a rooming house, which contravenes the fire code, as well as the zoning bylaw.”

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