Thank you for everyone that was able to attend the May 15th Annual General Meeting. We hope that you had an informative time. We still do have two volunteer positions open if you would like to help out.

Fort Richmond/University Heights Neighbourhood Association Executive Report – AGM May 15, 2018 – Jacquie Field (chair)

The new executive started the year with a very productive meeting with the University of Manitoba
staff. Further meetings are planned for this spring. Kerri followed up on that meeting setting up a
display at the new student orientation on the pedway at the University, where our student cards were
passed out by volunteers. New banners marked our tables.

This was followed by an opportunity to welcome the International Students and offer some words of
advice on being a good neighbour. The International Student coordinator has opted to include our
website information on their information cards, which we saw as a positive initiative. Kerri also worked
closely with the university to support their trick or eat food drive at Halloween. Community volunteers
acted as drivers while student volunteers collected food donations for the U of M food bank.

My visit with the Homestay Coordinator was very informative. She was able to explain the difference
between renting a room and homestay, emphasizing that a homestay student basically becomes part of
the family for the duration of the stay. While a stipend is paid, this is not a room rental and that this
must be considered if any rental licensing bylaws come into play. Anyone interested in hosting a
student can find cards on the back table.

The Association applied for grant money from the city and during the summer, councillor Lukes hired an
intern, Hailey Hooke. Hailey travelled throughout the neighbourhood, collecting data and analyzing it
for Janice’s office. In the fall Janice used this data and other information to compile and publish the
Councilor’s Report to the Community of Illegal Housing. This can be found on her website and linked to
ours. This was followed by a rush of media coverage and interviews.

Janice will be filling you in on both the request that she made for data collection and a licensing report.
Gord organized a postcard drop in the community in late September last year. He has recruited a
number of new street captains and keeps the list up to date. He is planning another postcard drop on
May 26. Street captains can pick up their cards at Richmond Kings community centre between 10:30
and 12 or at his home the next week. Street captains drop the postcard twice a year that tell people
about the website, which provides information on bylaws that are most relevant and tools to share this
information with neighbours. They also fill in inventory sheets about suspected rentals that are shared
with the councilor for follow up. Right now 50% of the streets in Fort Richmond/ University Heights
have active street captains. Gord can share with you after the meeting if your street does not and you
would like to sign up. This information is also on the website.

Joey circulated regular Newsletters and posted them on the website to keep residents informed of new
developments. One important addition was the information on the Yellow signs that sometime appear
on your street. These signs indicate a request for a zoning variance or building permit. Only neighbours
within the immediate neighbourhood can challenge these requests. Information on how to do that if
you have concerns is posted on the website.

I will be representing the Fort Richmond/University Heights Neighbourhood Association on the Brady
Landfill Liaison Committee. Last Thursday Councilor Lukes hosed and information meeting at South
Point School on the new rules for recycling. Information is available on the back table and will be added
to the website.

The Association has opened a bank account at the Assiniboine Credit Union. Our closing balance for this
year is $405. Money in and out of this account comes from your generous donations and grants that we
have received from the city. This money pays for expenses related to our displays at the University, any
printing costs we may have and treats for these meetings. There is a donation jar at the sign in guests
and any donations are greatly appreciated.

I want to acknowledge the hard work of the executive members this year and thank them for their

  • Denise Crosby – Vice Chair,
  • Gord Carson – Street Captain Coordinator,
  • Joey Pothe – Technical Communications Coordinator, and
  • Kerri Johnson – Student Outreach Coordinator,
  • Marilyn Iwanick – Secretary Treasurer, who will be leaving us this year.

I would also like to thank Olga Bazan for monitoring the rental websites and keeping Janice’s office
informed on any questionable advertising that may need follow-up.

Thank you for the privilege of acting a chair.

If there are any questions, I will be glad to answer them after Janice has given her update.

Minutes Fort Richmond/University Heights Neighbourhood Association – Annual General Meeting, May 25, 2017 (PDF)