By-Law Enforcement


We ask that you respect the single family zoning in BOTH the Fort Richmond and University Heights neighbourhoods. Besides not being zoned for rental to multiple tenants, many of the single family homes do not meet the Province of Manitoba’s Building and Fire Safety Codes.

The Fort Richmond University Heights Neighbourhood Association is working diligently to assist City of Winnipeg By-law officers to identify houses with multiple tenants to ensure tenants are fire safe.



As a landlord in the neighbourhood, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to respect and abide by the City of Winnipeg Neighbourhood Liveability and Zoning By-laws. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to care for your property or to arrange for your tenants to care for  your property. We ask that you work with your tenants to ensure these neighbourhood standards are adhered to.

For your convenience, we have provided an overview of neighbourhood standards that are sometimes overlooked and not adhered to.  The City of Winnipeg enforces these standards through By-Laws.  We ask that you read these standards, share them with your tenants and assist them in understanding and respecting the City of Winnipeg Neighbourhood Liveability and Zoning By-laws.

  1. Noise Levels
  2. Open Fire Pits
  3. Mowing  Grass
  4. Removal of Garbage
  5. Parking Multiple Cars in Driveways

For more detailed information, see the complete list of: